Paine Field Airport badging requirements

Paine Field Airport has updated badging procedures to meet federal requirements. These changes affect all badge holders needing access to the airport operations areas.

Getting started

For initial badging of Hangar Tenants and AOA badge holders: 

  1. Complete the AOA GA badge Application. 
  2. Complete the Authorized Signatory test. You will become your own Authorized Signatory. Being your own Authorized Signatory means that you are responsible for your AOA badge and the renewal of your AOA badge.
  3. Complete the TSA form – requires signature and date.  
  4. Bring your I-9 documents.  You must provide originals at your appointment and we will make copies of them for our files.  We do not accept any expired documents. You either need something from List A (i.e. Passport or Passport Card) OR something from List B AND List C (i.e. Driver’s License and Social Security Card or Driver’s License and Birth Certificate, etc.).  We do not accept TWIC, NEXUS, Global Entry or any other government issued cards.
  5. Schedule your appointment online using our 10to8 online portal: 

For SIDA or STERILE badge holders

  1. Contact your AS to begin your application process
  2. Schedule an initial badging appointment online using our 10to8 portal:

Hand on fingerprint machine

Fingerprinting and criminal history background checks are required for people working in secure areas at Paine Field Airport.

Additional questions? Call 425-388-5125.

Paine Field’s Credentialing Office is open weekdays 8:30am - 12:00pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm by appointment only.