L Hangars

An L-hangar is essentially a full T-hangar cut in half. They are located at the ends of our nested hangar units. These are an economical way to save money on a hangar space if your aircraft is smaller, if the wings are able to be folded, or if you have a small helicopter. Also, in our new hangars, the L-Hangar is a perfect option for building a small kit aircraft, as it has all of the amenities of a full T-hangar, yet at half the size and cost.

The L-hangar units are located on the West Ramp of the airfield. All of the units that are older style hangars on the West Ramp, are an S-5 occupancy (allows for minor parts swapping and minor aircraft maintenance of aircraft), have approximately 15-amps of power, one light on the ceiling, and 2 power receptacles designed for 110V. The doors are on a rail system in which the panels of the door roll back inside the hangar along a side wall.

The L units that are located in the new West Ramp hangars are slightly larger in size, provide a man door for secondary access, have approximately 20-amps of individually metered power (the lessee has the option to install 220V), 2 florescent light fixtures, and windows in the sliding door. These units were constructed to meet an H-5 occupancy rating (allows for more advanced repairs and additional maintenance on aircraft).

L Hangar Animate


L Hangar Layout
  Existing Hangars
Square Feet 510
19 Feet 6 Inches
B 9 Feet 6 Inches
C 35 Feet 6 Inches
D 17 Feet 6 Inches
Height 12 Feet
Number of Units 12


There are twelve (12) L-Hangar units in the older West Ramp hangar area. The 12 L-Hangar units in the older West Ramp hangar area cost $237.26 per month (including taxes).

There are four (4) L-Hangar units that are located in the newer West Ramp hangar area 477 sf. The monthly rate is $366.66 (including taxes).