TiedownWith over 500 based aircraft and a high demand for hangar space, the airport has worked with the local FBOs to offer many tiedown spaces. Tiedowns are a reasonably priced alternative to placing your aircraft in a hangar, while still parking your aircraft at Paine Field. The majority of tiedowns are leased on a monthly basis while some are offered on a daily / transient rate. Each tiedown comes with adequate chains and S-style hooks on the end to attach to your aircraft. The chains are all attached to a concrete block that is inserted into the ground and surrounded by asphalt.

Tiedowns are located in convenient areas on the airfield that are all in close proximity to aviation services. To obtain tiedown availability, find out daily or monthly prices, or to lease a tiedown, please determine the tiedown location you would like and contact one of the following FBOs: