60-Square-Foot Hangars

60-Square-Foot InsideDue to a need for larger general aviation hangars or medium sized corporate units, the airport constructed seven 60-square-foot hangars that include many amenities to make them more attractive. These units all have a 16-foot door height and are easily large enough to house medium sized corporate aircraft (King Air, Cessna Citation) or multiple general aviation aircraft.

Because of the larger opening, an electric bi-fold door was installed that has two walk-through doors for access and is easily operated with the push of a button. The doors also have windows in the top portion to allow natural light to enter which provides a much brighter atmosphere in the hangar. Once closed, the large bi-fold doors have easy manual latches to pull the door tight to keep out the weather.

These hangars come with a full heated restroom (toilet, shower, sink), individual hot water tank, large tub sink with hot and cold water, two large heaters with timers, and 220V power in three different receptacles with 100 amps of individually metered power. There are also six 110V power receptacles which can be used for everyday household plug-in items. The 60-square-foot hangars were constructed to meet an H-5 occupancy rating (allows for more advanced repairs and additional maintenance on aircraft) and are sprinkled for additional safety.

Hot Water Tank
Power Receptacle
Electrical Panel


60-Square Foot Hangars  
Square Feet 3,600
A 60 Feet
B 60 Feet
Height 16 Feet
Number of Units 7
60-Square-Foot Schematic


There are seven (7) 60’ Square Hangar units located in the newer West Ramp area with an average of 3,600sf. The monthly rate for these hangars is $2,755.66 (including taxes) and it is the tenant’s responsibility to pay all electricity costs for these hangars.