45-Foot Rectangle

45 Foot AnimateThe new west ramp hangars (slightly larger hangars with a taller opening) were constructed in 2003. The airport constructed 12 45-foot rectangular hangars that all have a 15-foot door height to accommodate taller amphibious aircraft or aircraft with an extra tall tail height. They are large enough to even accommodate two aircraft (a high-wing / low-wing combination works best) or are perfect for the aircraft owner looking for a bit of extra room.

All of the 45-foot rectangular hangars have sliding doors that are opened or closed with a few easy pushes or pulls. They are all secured with an airport provided lock and key system and have cane bolts and a metal chain and latch that can be set from inside the hangar for additional security.

These units have a number of additional amenities that make them attractive to the kit-builders or those who perform their own maintenance. The 45-foot rectangular hangars were constructed to meet an H-5 occupancy rating (allows for more advanced repairs and additional maintenance on aircraft) and are sprinkled for additional safety. These units have approximately 20-amps of individually metered power, four florescent light fixtures, six power receptacles, two man-doors for easy entrance and exit, and have windows in the sliding doors for added lighting. In addition, this unit allows the tenant the ability to upgrade the power to a 220v system using existing or new conduit and the installation of additional cable (please fill out the tenant improvement form and submit it to the airport office prior to beginning any work of this type).


45-Foot Rectangular Hangars  
Square Feet 1620
A 45 Feet
B 36 Feet
Height 15 Feet
Number of Units 12
45 Foot Schematic


There are twelve (12) 45’ Rectangle Hangar units located in the newer West Ramp area with an average size of 1,620sf. The rate is $1,087.91 per month (including taxes).