Storage Units

8Paine Field currently leases approximately 50 storage-type units that are normally situated on the spare north and south ends of the nested and stacked hangar buildings. The majority of the storage units are located on our Central Ramp where access is simple and each unit is in close proximity to aviation services and access gates.

As the storage units are all located on the airfield, the airport reserves the storage units for aviation or aviation-related storage. A gate card is required for access onto the airfield in order to access all storage units.


Storage unit sizes will vary quite a bit due to their location in the overall buildings. The average storage unit is approximately 150 square feet, with the smallest being about 80 square feet and the largest being about 390 square feet. The doors are a common household door size and are secured by an airport installed lock and key set (no larger doors exist in our storage units.)


The storage unit price per square foot is approximately 51 cents. This figure does not include leasehold taxes and will be adjusted each year to accommodate the increase or decrease from the identified appraisal values.

Storage Door