Airfield Construction

Updated 2/21/2023

Airport Master Plan

Paine Field is currently in the final phase of an update to the Airport Master Plan. The process is expected to be complete in mid to late 2023.  The updated plan will ensure projects planned in the next twenty years result in the safe and effective utilization of airport land and efficient use of local and federal funds for the development of the airport.  As the process progresses, updates can be found here.

2023 Airside projects

Design for the Rehabilitation of the East General Aviation Apron

The East General Aviation Apron asphalt will be milled and a new asphalt overlay will be applied in 2024. This pavement was constructed in 1986 and has not been repaved since. The project is currently under design.

Taxiway AA and Runway Guard Lighting

Contractors will correct a "hot spot" issue at the north end of the main runway. The project entails revising lighting and markings to close the direct Taxiway A - Taxiway AA connection and allow the runway hold positions to be moved to a more standard location. Runway guard lights will also be installed on connector taxiways A1, A7, A9, AA, and K1 as part of the project. The project is currently out to bid and construction is anticipated to begin in early spring. To limit impacts to our users, work will be done at night. The work will require multiple nighttime closures of the main runway (midnight to 6 a.m.).

Inner Terminal Ramp (Terminal Apron)

Paine Field will convert the central portion of the terminal apron to concrete to accommodate larger and more frequent passenger aircraft traffic as the airport grows. The project was permitted in 2021 and was originally anticipated to be constructed in 2022. The project is currently out to bid for construction in 2023. Work is expected to begin in June and conclude in October. The project is funded by passenger facility charges (PFCs).

Main Runway Rehabilitation

The airport is expecting to rehabilitate the main runway in approximately three to five years. The runway is in decent condition, but routine maintenance work has identified bubbling on the asphalt surface during hotter summer months. The airport's maintenance division is able to level the bubbles as they occur. Over time the bubbles are expected to shorten the useful life of the runway and will result in the need to repave.

2023 Landside projects

Building and signage standards

Paine Field is preparing to adopt updated tenant and building signage standards. Continuation of the work we’ve been doing since terminal/commercial service to modernize the look and get the signage consistent with recently updated terminal wayfinding signage.  Airport will also be adopting updated tenant sign guidelines to increase consistency across the airport.