Airfield Construction

Airfield studies, design, and construction:

Paine Field Airport began reconstructing Taxiway Bravo on June 11, 2018.

The relocated Taxiway Bravo and new Bravo Ramp opened in early December 2018.

A portion of the Outer Ramp and the North Ramp Taxilane are scheduled for repaving during summer 2019. A detailed schedule will be provided when available.

Runway 16R-34L Rehab

runway 16R-34L Rehab Project

The main runway at Paine Field underwent major upgrades during summer and fall 2018.

Crews created a new runway surface by milling down and overlaying a strip running up much of the 9,010-foot runway’s centerline. The newly paved area is 65 feet wide and about 8,000 feet long.