Minimum Standards

Background and Policy

The airport developed minimum standards for aeronautical services over several years using an advisory group of airport users and tenants, the county risk manager, county insurance advisor, and an outside consultant as a sounding board for the complex issues involving aeronautical services at the airport. There were multiple advisory group meetings which have included speakers from the FAA and the aviation insurance industry. This effort was completed in 1998.

Paine Field Minimum Standards Project

The minimum standards project was initiated to provide the threshold entry requirements (qualifications, levels of service, facilities, insurance) for those wishing to provide aeronautical services to the public and to insure that those who have undertaken to provide commodities and services as approved are not exposed to unfair or irresponsible competition. Minimum standards have been in place at many airports nationwide and are supported by the FAA. Our Minimum Standards were developed taking into consideration the aviation role of the Snohomish County Airport, facilities that currently exist at the airport, services currently being offered at the airport, and the future development and aviation services planned for the airport. These minimum standards and guidelines contain the minimum levels of service, facilities, staffing, insurance, and environmental compliance that must be met by the prospective service provider. The uniform application of these standards relates primarily to the public interest by discouraging substandard entrepreneurs and mandating insurance coverage levels, thereby protecting the airport, airport patrons and established aeronautical activities.

For more information, contact business manager Nickolis Landgraff, at 425-388-5103.

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