Do aircraft have to comply with local city, county and state noise ordinances?

City, county and state noise regulations, as they pertain to noise generated by aircraft in flight and activities related to flight operations, are preempted by the Federal Aviation Administration. State and municipal code makes specific exemptions for noise generated that is directly related to flight activities:

Snohomish County Noise Control Code applies to Paine Field. Everett Municipal Noise Control Code applies to the Boeing Co. plant and flightline.

Sounds originating from aircraft in flight and sounds which originate at airports and are directly related to flight operations are exempt at all times by Snohomish County Code 10.01.050(1)(a), Mukilteo Municipal code 9.30.030 and Everett Municipal Code 20.08.100(B)(5).

Jet engine run-ups during nighttime (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) are prohibited by Snohomish County Code 10.01.050(2)(g) and Everett Municipal Code 20.08.050(A) except where demonstrated proof that the noise level limitations of the noise control code are not exceeded by the jet engine run-up or the operator possesses a Modified Standards Permit per Snohomish County Code 10.01.060 or a variance per Everett Municipal Code 20.08.150.

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