Why is Paine Field so close to residential neighborhoods?

Paine Field was constructed in 1936 as a project that was intended to boost economic growth in the region. An undeveloped area was selected for the airfield. The U.S. Army Air Forces took control of the airport shortly after construction and the military maintained control of the airfield until 1968, when the property was permanently transferred to Snohomish County’s authority. During this 32-year period, the surrounding land was acquisitioned for military housing and support facilities. This land was subsequently transferred to civilian control along with the airport. Paine Field does not own or control zoning regulation over the land surrounding the airfield. Over the years communities and neighborhoods have continued to grow near the airport.

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1. What is Paine Field’s airport configuration?
2. What determines runway use and the direction aircraft arrive and depart the airport?
3. Why is Paine Field so close to residential neighborhoods?
4. When does the airport close?
5. Does Paine Field monitor noise levels?
6. How is aircraft noise measured?
7. Do aircraft have to comply with local city, county and state noise ordinances?
8. What does the airport do to mitigate aircraft noise in the community?
9. Can the airport restrict certain aircraft from using the airfield?
10. Who controls what flight path jet aircraft fly and at what altitude?
11. Why do aircraft arrive and depart at night and in the early morning, isn’t there a curfew?
12. What is the minimum altitude an aircraft can fly over my residence?
13. Who do I contact if I have an inquiry regarding Paine Field noise or flight operations?