Airport Operations


3220 100th Street SW, Ste. A
Everett, WA 98204


For access badges, small hangar rentals, airfield construction projects, and other airfield operational information.

Name Title Email Phone
Underwood, Kara Superintendent of Operations 425-388-5110
Widrig, Brad Operations Supervisor 425-388-5111
Anderson, Paul Operations Specialist 425-388-5113
Calhoun, Nicholas Operations Specialist 425-388-5112
Galicia, Christian Operations Specialist 425-388-3053
La Russa, Peter Operations Specialist 425-388-5123
Lawson, Carlton Operations Specialist 425-388-3624
McBride, Tanner Operations Specialist 425-388-5005
Ramos, Lou Operations Specialist 425-388-3858
Fillerup, Debbie Credentialing Coordinator 425-388-5106
Mitrofanov, Lena Credentialing Coordinator 425-388-5124