Noise Program Overview

Paine Field – Snohomish County Airport uses a variety of methods to identify, track, and reduce the impact of aircraft noise on surrounding communities. Noise comments are managed using a third-party application that correlates each complaint with a triggering event to help airport staff identify the causes of noise. The airport does not have the authority to restrict aircraft operations or change aircraft flight paths. Instead, the airport relies on pilots following published voluntary noise abatement procedures. Several factors may require a pilot to deviate from these procedures including air traffic control instruction or safety considerations. Paine Field – Snohomish County Airport is owned and operated by Snohomish County in compliance with federal aviation regulations. Because the airport operates under federal regulations, it’s facilities must remain open to users of the national airspace system, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes general aviation, commercial, and military operations.

 Paine Field Airport has partnered with the Federal Aviation Administration to better track, manage, and respond to noise comments. Commenters located further than 10 miles from Paine Field are asked to submit their noise comment directly to the FAA or their closest airport. This will help ensure that the proper authority is receiving your comments. Comments submitted to Paine Field from outside the 10-mile boundary will be forwarded to the FAA. For more information regarding how the FAA handles noise comments, please visit the FAA’s regional aircraft noise webpage found here.

 If the noise event occurred within 10 miles of Paine Field Airport, please submit the noise comment here or through our noise hotline by calling (425) 284-0500.

 If the noise event occurred further than 10 miles from Paine Field Airport, please submit the noise comment to the Federal Aviation Administration by using their online portal found here.

10-mile Radius

PAE 10 mile map