Public Safety

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Airport firefighters train hard to be ready when seconds count

The Paine Field Airport Fire Department is staffed 24 hours each day to provide firefighting, emergency medical aid, hazardous material and other incident response at Snohomish County Airport.

On structural fires and emergency medical aid calls, the airport fire department activates mutual aid responses from the City of Everett, South County Fire, and City of Mukilteo. This arrangement provides crew strength and paramedic level medical care at Paine Field.

The airport hosts air side drills quarterly. These drills are quick evolutions using our mutual resources without having to take them out of service and may involve a small fire in a hangar to simulate an aircraft with a collapsed landing gear. The drills allow our mutual aid partners an opportunity to become familiar with the unique rules encountered while driving in the same space as planes fly. The Cities of Everett and Mukilteo, South County Fire and The Boeing Fire Department are regular players in these air side drills.

In an emergency, dial 911 to receive fire, medical or safety/security assistance.

Paine Field’s FAA Tower must be notified by pilots if they experience any problems or have any concerns. The FAA tower will immediately notify the Public Safety department if it becomes necessary for airport rescue equipment or manpower to be deployed.

Firefighters will gladly stage their equipment to watch you land safely in order to be of greater service during the rare moments when they are truly needed.

If you have any questions regarding fire department response, contact the department at 425-353-1606.

SCAFD Training

The fire station at Paine Field incorporates a training wall and a 900-foot open area on the upper level of the building to allow groups of 15 to 20 firefighters with equipment to discuss training scenarios such as rope evolutions prior to implementation. The deck of the open area has a 2-inch rubber decking material over a solid vinyl roof material. The training wall is built with cement filled CMU blocks. Anchors rated at 5,000 pounds are available for high-angle evolutions and ladder-related operations. Anchors rated at 10,000 pounds were incorporated into the floor of the open area. All working valves (sprinkler control, hydrant, standpipe, etc.) associated with firefighting are located along the training wall area.

Help from airport police just a phone call away

Airport police logo

Airport police are all full-time deputies who provide law enforcement services at the airport under contract with the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office. They work under the supervision of the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office Operations Bureau. The Paine Field Airport Police are assigned to patrol and perform crime prevention, criminal investigations, and traffic enforcement on airport property and commercial areas of the airport. Airport tenants and citizens are encouraged to contact a deputy at 425-407-3999 with any non-emergency questions or concerns. In an emergency, dial 911 for assistance.